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Welcome to Rustribution

Your legend awaits. Rustribution - where survival is fleeting, but retribution is forever. Thrive or perish, the choice is yours.

Our Servers

Every one of our servers operates using superior hardware, fortified with DDoS protection, and features a 10 GB network uplink.

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Server Rules

To ensure an optimal experience while using our servers, we strongly advise you to acquaint yourself with our server guidelines.

At Rustribution, we strive to foster a welcoming and enjoyable Rust gaming environment. We have measures in place to prohibit racist or homophobic language, and we also prevent excessive spamming in the chat.

While a bit of competitive banter and trash-talk is part of the gaming experience, we draw the line at severe or persistent toxicity. Any breaches of these chat rules will initially result in chat-specific restrictions. Repeat violations may escalate to longer bans affecting all of Rustribution. Remember, respect goes a long way, even in the heat of competition.

Cheating refers to the use of any external applications, whether free or paid, that interact with the game to provide an unfair advantage. This encompasses a wide range of activities including but not limited to aim-assistance, wall-hacks, and speed-hacks.

The ban on cheating extends to scripting, which also offers an unearned advantage. For instance, scripts used to counter recoil are not permitted. However, simple keybinds for automated tasks like tree chopping are allowed, as these can be set up within the game without external help. Remember, fair play keeps the game fun for everyone.

Deliberate exploitation of glitches or bugs to gain an unfair edge is strictly against our rules. If you come across any such bugs or glitches, we strongly encourage you to report them to our admin team or create a ticket on our Discord server.

Your help in maintaining fair play and a fun environment in Rustribution is greatly appreciated.

Our servers have designated team limits that are clearly specified. Please respect these limits. If your group exceeds the stated limit, you will be subject to a ban. This means you cannot roam, team, raid, ally, or associate with any other clan, group, team, or friend if your numbers combined (including both online and offline members) surpass the stated limit.

Furthermore, cycling of clan members is not allowed. While you can remove a member from your clan, you are not permitted to re-invite that same individual within the same wipe. This rule also applies to members voluntarily leaving your group. We uphold these rules to ensure fair and balanced gameplay for all participants.

Associating with players who have been proven to use cheats or have been banned from our servers is a serious offense at Rustribution. This association includes friendship, team membership, or regular communication with such individuals. By associating with a cheater or ban evader, it can be inferred that you may have knowledge of or involvement in unfair gameplay.

Infringements may lead to disciplinary actions such as warnings or bans, depending on the situation's severity and your level of involvement. Actions taken will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It's crucial to be cautious about whom you team up with; offenders may risk permanent banishment. We strongly advocate for fair play and do not tolerate association with cheaters or ban evaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Browse our FAQs, where we've compiled answers to the questions we hear most often.

We're continuously looking to expand your gaming experience. The addition of new servers depends on player demand and our capacity. For updates on server additions, keep an eye on our Discord server where we regularly post announcements.

Admin roles in Rustribution are high-responsibility positions and are not taken lightly. We don't have a standing application form for admin roles, but when we're looking to expand our team, we'll post a community update in our Discord server with the necessary information.

No, our admins are here to ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all players. They observe gameplay and moderate activities without directly participating or interfering in the game. Their primary role is to maintain an enjoyable and respectful environment on Rustribution.

We're committed to maintaining a fair and respectful gaming environment. If you encounter problems, bugs, or instances of abusive behavior, please use the in-game reporting system (F7). Include as much detail as you can, such as player usernames, time of the incident, and any relevant screenshots.

We understand that misunderstandings can happen. If you feel that you've been unjustly banned or suspended, you can appeal by creating a ticket on our Discord server. Please provide as much information as possible about the incident that led to your ban or suspension and why you believe it was unjust. Our team will review your case and respond as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that all decisions are final after the appeal process.

The server wipe schedule can vary depending on different factors. Stay updated on our wipe schedules by checking the announcements on our Discord server regularly.

Our Discord server is the hub of our community outside the game. Join our Discord for updates, discussions, and the opportunity to connect with other players.